Tim Golsteijn - Executive Chef

Tim Golsteijn has worked at internationally-renowned restaurants in Amsterdam, such as the Amstel Hotel and Parkers Restaurant, where he has developed a passion for patisserie and top gastronomy. Tim puts great emphasis on flavours and aromas, since every flavour tasted can be matched to a certain memory. Golsteijn is the modern gastronomic conscience behind Restaurant Bougainville.

Dorus Floris - Head Chef

Dorus his passion for all things food blossomed from a young age and onwards. After finishing his education at the Hotelschool Amsterdam, he decided to specialize in warm and cold dishes, but the world of patisserie knows no secrets for Dorus either. He gained his experience in restaurants like Chapeau and de Bokkedoorns, Bougainville completes his resume. His extraordinary, modern and playful way of cooking strokes perfectly with the course Golsteijn chose for Bougainville, making them a dynamic duo that delivers you the gastronomical night of dreams. 

Lendl Mijnhijmer - Wine director & Restaurant Manager

Lendl Mijnhijmer is Hotel TwentySeven’s and Restaurant Bougainville’s very own Wine Director, who was recently proclaimed the best sommelier of The Netherlands.

After working at Waterproef in Den Haag, Mijnhijmer decided to work on an international level at Restaurant Bougainville. Last year, he won the McNie Tasting Trophy for best wine taster of the world and Mijnhijmer was named most talented sommelier 2017 by GaultMillau. Mijnhijmer inspires his team, consisting of young sommeliers, to achieve the highest level in wine service in both the restaurant and Hotel TwentySeven.

He loves asking guests to taste wines before explaining them, which results in a dynamic restaurant experience.

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