Breakfast in Amsterdam

Complete your stay at Hotel TwentySeven with a luxurious breakfast at Restaurant Bougainville*. Enjoy a spectacular view of Amsterdam’s famous Dam square whilst starting your day off right with a breakfast of our highest standards. As our hotel guest you can add “the Bougainville Breakfast Experience” to your stay every day of the week. Also if you are not staying with us, we gladly invite you to experience this unique breakfast that is unlike any other in Amsterdam.

Every dish is prepared à la minute by one of the chefs from our Michelin star kitchen team, and will be served per course. With this exclusive Bougainville breakfast, we aim to reinvent the experience of breakfast and give it the attention and stage that it deserves.

Breakfast at Michelin* quality

You can expect a selection of small dishes served after each other in a fashionable pace. “The Bougainville Breakfast Experience” consists of sweet as well as savoury dishes inspired by the chef’s menu of Restaurant Bougainville*. Naturally, the breakfast comes with coffee, tea and fresh juices of your preference.

Besides the extensive breakfast we also have an ‘a la carte’ menu with classic breakfast dishes you would expect in Hotel TwentySeven. You can book "the Bougainville Breakfast Experience" for € 45 per person on the website of Hotel TwentySeven.

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